What is a brand name?

Before entering into details, let’s first discuss the meaning of the brand name and its importance. The brand name is one of a most essential feature of a brand. A brand may be a single product or a service, a company or business. Any business that keeps bringing innovation, even after acquiring the mature stage of its life cycle becomes a brand.

Suppose, you are launching a product and don’t name it. How would people demand it from the retailers? Naming the brand is just like naming the new born baby. It means giving your product, company or a business a distinct identity; which does not resemble anyone.

The importance of a brand name for any particular product or company is to provide an easy recognition to it. Brand name induces positive perception about the relative product.

Why is it important to register the brand name?

Brand registration gives similar benefits of company registration. Registering the brand gives it a legal entity. It is a trademark. If someone tries to copy a name of a registered brand, the respective company can take a legal action against it.

It is important for several other reasons too.

  • If the brand name is registered, it is better able to get good positioning in the minds of the customers.
  • Registered brand names have a better reputation in the market as compare to the non-register brands.
  • Brand registering gives a patent and copyright feature to its logo, name, and tagline.
  • Register brand names capture more value as compare to the ones which are not registered.

Company registration or trademark registration is a long and hectic process. Though it is hectic, it is useful when the future is into considerations. As soon as the brand name is registered, the local government becomes liable for its protection.

As stated above, registering brand name is a hectic procedure but due to automation, much of the time is saved. Individuals can register the name of the brand with a single click by sitting at their homes. The verification and authentication process may carry forward in the future as soon as the owners of the brand get free time.

Brand name registration fee is different in different areas of the world. In some regions of the world, it is higher because of the strict government policies. The regulations provide standards which a brand must achieve to get its name registered with the government.

It is a friendly suggestion to the owners of the business to go for company registration in Dubai and brand name registration. It builds insight into the minds of the consumers that the company works according to the law prescribe by the country and meet certain standards which are good for the brand, country, citizens, and customers.

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