From March 17th to 31st, the Exhibition Hall of the Casablanca Dome area in will host the third edition of the collective exhibition of “Regards au féminin”. It is an art exhibition organized by the association Creation and Communication, this exhibition brings together the work of thirty artists from different parts of the Kingdom. A way to add an artistic touch to World Women’s Day.

More than just a visual art exhibition, “Regards au féminin” is a vibrant tribute to all Moroccan women. Famous women and other unknown, but all playing the excellent card role in the field of visual arts with fervor and enthusiasm will take part of the event. It is an exhibition that brings together the recent works of some thirty artists who work, each according to its convictions, means, dreams and constraints, to shape the Morocco of tomorrow.

For instance, from 17th to 31st of March, the exhibition room in the Casablanca dome presents the work of these women showing their vision, passion, courage and action, which are a predominant in the field of art and shines with a thousand lights, therefore the need to highlight these achievements.

This is also what the president of the Association for Creation and Communication, initiator of this event thinks. For her, “Regards au féminin” is intended as a “real symbolic tribute to the women, her creativity, and her generosity. And it is also an opportunity to give appreciation to some exciting aspects of feminine creation in its stylistic fixations, its thematic elements, and its iconographic impressions “.

Furthermore, she explains that this exhibition aims to contribute unpretentiously to transforming the negative perception that some may have of what constitutes the half of our society, in a message of hope about what each could achieve by taking these women as an example.

The participating women artists promote the symbolism of matter and the sensibility of form. They translate their states of mind and sensitivities through canvases that are meant to be impressions of the expressionist touch in its vibrant and rhythmic color palette. For these ladies, painting is a quest for truth.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, as an art collector and enthusiast, he will visit the exhibition in order to be informed and be refreshed about the importance and contribution of women in the society. He believes that the event is advantageous in spreading the message better for the women’s movement in its broadest sense.

Dedicated to the collective recollection, the flexible language of women artists has given the pictorial practice with a poetic element. A deposit of boundless gift, as stated by the president of the association. Each of these women has her own life course, her vision of things, and her role to play in the Kingdom of Morocco that moves in the right direction especially in the field of art intervention. All these things are to be credited to the quality of their works and the noble values they defend, women artists have built a solid reputation and credibility that reinforce their originality, relevance, and originality.

The organizers also wish to sincerely welcome the creative works of all the participating artists who signify their civic commitment and their dedication to the lofty ideals of humanity through their dynamism.

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