At one time, if you wanted a good website, you had to be good at coding, or you had to employ someone who was. Thankfully for many people, there are now websites that can help you create amazing sites with no coding skills whatsoever. Plus, you can add other parts to the site such as blogs and shops.

While there are sites and software that you can pay for you to get unique features, you can get good results from just using the free alternatives. Here are some of those websites that can assist you with your creations – building a successful website doesn’t have to be costly.

WordPress is one of the most popular website building platforms and is the basis for over 27% of all online sites. It has something for everyone, from those who want to choose a standard template, to those looking to add their own creative aspect. Many bloggers use WordPress because it is straightforward and easy to use. It also has a nice blog feature that lets you post from your mobile.

They have a hosted site called that lets you get into the hard parts of website building. From here you can create a fully-fledged site with all the accessories.


Wix has one of the best and simplest ways to build a website. It asks a series of questions about what your site will be about and how you want it to look, then it will automatically create the site for you.

From there you have the option to add other parts such as a blog, shop or live chat. The templates are useful, and the simple drag and drop way that you can add things is very intuitive. They can also host your site, or you can go with a company such as Best Web Hosting, to see if there is a better deal.


Though not as popular as other website builders, Joomla has some nice features and the same two site options that WordPress offers.

However, unlike WordPress, the interface is not quite as good, so it might not be the ideal choice for beginners. What it does have is an extensive library of themes and extensions that make it hugely customizable.

Site 123

Site 123 is designed as the name implies, to be as simple as possible. The basic format is similar to other sites; then you can go ahead and do more customization. Most of it is wizard based, so those new to these types of site will find it easy to use.

You will soon have a site with as many pages as you wish and there is free hosting. It should be noted, however, that the free hosted version only allows you 500mb of web space and 1 GB of traffic. If you do go over, there is the option to upgrade to the paid levels.

With these simple website builders, even the timidest computer user will be able to get involved and create something amazing.

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