It is a very latest trend in backyard design to install a trampoline that is below the ground. You will be very pleased to install one in our backyard and it will give a very aesthetic pleasure. Trampoline in-ground is safer as compared to the other above the ground installation. In this article, we are going to talk about this mini trampoline for kids article and some important questions that you have in your mind regarding it. It is definitely a right investment for your kids and for your family as well.

Installing a Net around the In-ground Trampoline

There is still a danger to fall even if you are installing your trampoline in-ground. So you have to install a safety enclosure around your in-ground trampoline. If you have installed the net correctly then it will definitely stop the intentional jumping of kids on the ground and they will be safe from many serious injuries. It will ensure the safe entry and exit of your kid. Besides being safer for kids they are also important for elders as well. The enclosures will keep the kids and adult jumper safe and if you own a trampoline then it is also a must thing to buy.

How deep should you dig?

It is the most important question but before it, you have to think about the size of your trampoline. The hole that you dig should be wider about a foot as compared to the outer frame to ensure the air ventilation is going on properly. There are two ways to install your trampoline in the ground. In first method, you have to keep the height of the trampoline equal to the depth of the pit that you will dig for installation. The drawback of this method is that it will create serious ventilation issue. In the second method, you have to dig the pit that is little shallow as compared to the height of the trampoline. In this case, you will get proper ventilation. To make the trampoline more visible you have to set a safety net around this mini trampoline for kids article.

What about Drainage?

You have to face rust problem if you have not arranged proper drainage for trampoline pit. When you are designing the retaining wall then you also have to think about the drainage and it is the right time. You can install drainage pipe and if possible you can drain them in the storm gutter or simple drain of our house.



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