Job Application Tips Every College Student Needs to Know

As you near the end of your college years, the reality of heading out into the workforce is likely starting to set in. It is usually quite exciting and also a bit scary all at the same time. Just because you’ve got all the right skills and education under your belt, it doesn’t mean the job hunt will be easy and fast. For many college students, it’s a good idea to start applying for positions even before you graduate. Chances are it will take a little time to land a job, so why not get a head start.

To help you with your job hunt, here are some job application tips that every college student needs to know.

Use Any and All Help at Your Disposal

Because you will be applying for career-type positions, it is likely something you’ve never done. Sure, you’ve probably got a resume that you used for a part-time job, but this isn’t the same type of resume you want to use for employment moving forward. What this means is that you want to take advantage of any help that is available through your college in terms of resume writing.

Most schools have a career center that will look over your resume and provide you with helpful tips and ways you can improve it. They know what employees are after and they can share that information with you.

Get Online and Start Searching

A couple of decades ago, a job search consisted of printing out copies of your resume and hand-delivering them to various employers. It would also involve searching the classifieds in the local newspaper and keeping an eye out for “Help Wanted” signs. Today, things have shifted to the online world. Not only can you search for jobs online; you can also apply for them online, which means you can be doing it any time of the day or night.

It’s a good idea to find a website that customizes the job search experience, allowing you to use filters and other criteria, so you find jobs that match your specific skills. The Job Application Center is a great example and could save you a whole bunch of time and stress.

Take a Look at Sample Applications First

If you have never filled out a job application in the past, or it’s been a while since you did, then it’s a good idea to download a couple samples. You can practice by filling them out and then have a friend or family member take a look and provide you with input. By taking the time to practice, you’ll be a whiz when it comes to filling out a real one.

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your Personality

The final tip is meant to help your application stand out. In a sea of applications, it’s easy to get overlooked, which is why it can be so helpful to let your personality shine through. It helps the employer envision how you’d fit into the company and will make your application memorable.

The Key to a Successful Application

Each of these tips will help to ensure that your application is successful and that it won’t take long for you to land that first job out of school.