Walking up to a person to make a friend, walking down a street in your favorite clothes, and simply sitting on a chair attracts eyes from all directions. Such staring will lead to soaking clothes, as droplets of anxiety drip to the ground filled with unknown footsteps. Requesting a person on Instagram, posting a picture in one’s favorite clothes, and posting a picture of sitting on a seat needs no droplets of fear as one stares at their familiar phone. Being a shy kid, the thought of no one knowing who you are is a popular thought that engulfs the innocent smile hiding behind the shadows of strangers. Following people you have seen or heard of, and getting the return of a request creates one’s happiness in that they know that they exist in the world. These new followers know only the name of who they are following, but are yet to witness who this shy kid really is. By posting the right pictures, the shy kid can convey who he really is. Such portrayals only lead to a positive note. Likes are generated to a far extent as more people get to know the unknown kid as people share the beauty of the post to different eyes. The post will force the hands of others to press that request button that the shy kid had hoped to achieve. Conveying how cool of a kid he is, the followers will attempt to talk to this kid to make a friend and lead this shy kid to be surrounded by shadows that don’t lead to anxiety. It may also lead to one’s shyness to alleviate once surrounded by a huge group of people, while constantly attracting the eyes of many more.

Social media is not just limited to posting for likes and comments. People can talk or chat to others they follow on their social media accounts. To people one barely knows, a shy kid does not need to tremble to open his locked lips. He needs to exert a minimal effort to move a few fingers as letters are being sent to convey a message to his peers that do not know much about him. As he explains how he truly is and not a scary guy that stares at people, looking like monster, when only he is shaking in fear, trying to find a quick way out of the communication process. While chatting with a few people that he may know of, those people will convey the messages to others to showcase of how cool this person is in reality and lead this person to be surrounded by a group of people again. Not only will he lead people to just his name and forget it after a couple of days, but by thoroughly explaining who he is with his delicate fingers, he is able to convey what type of personality he has, a personality that one cannot be forgotten.

Simply changing an account from private to public may unlock a great deal of popularity as people will get to see one’s photos without following and know the shy person more. Even if this method is not preferred as it may attract accounts that you may not want to like you pictures or follow you, you may simply block them, thus protecting your privacy and security. Being on public, many eyes will be directed to the posts their friends liked as it will show up under the following column, and if the shy kid’s post shows up, it may end up leading to another like, comment, friend, or a little more of popularity.

Just having a social media account can lead to many users seeing that such a person exists in this world. Having an account with no posts can still lead to followers. Having an account with no followers can still lead to views of one’s profile as that name will begin to gain popularity as the shy kid will hear his name amongst the mouths of many strangers. Once they hear that this name is that of the shy kid, it may lead to more people knowing that such a person is existent right beside them.

A simple a comment on a post can lead to an eye or two seeing the name of this shy kid. Responding to a post with the same idea as someone else may lead to that person to acknowledge the shy kid, allowing the shy kid to have a few followers behind him. This would be a starting for his future popularity to come. Even a like can lead to someone else’s friend seeing who this person may be liking their friend’s post. Thus will lead to them looking at his profile and may lead to another follow request if they are impressed by his feed or his posts if his page is on public.

Social media has been disregarded as bad, as many have their privacy and information taken a hold of. Many may have their pictures sent to colleges that they may not want sent. Some may post on social media without a thought of what may happen due to posting such a post. Some may not understand that posting a picture and deleting it the next day may not wipe out the image from the internet. It may have already been saved on another phone or even seen by another person that they may not want seeing.

Despite the bad side of entering the social media world, there is a huge load of benefits to having a social media account. Having a social media account is a true way of increasing one’s popularity. It is so good at this job that it can create popularity out of nothing. For example, a shy kid just became popular. This is probably due to the aftereffects of something so strong and influential. Thinking about getting rid of shyness or going to a crowded place are possible reasons, but one has a right to say that the true effect of this change was in the hands of social media.

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