The Best Story line and plot of Games of Throne

GOT 2018

A game of throne is actually a novel in the series of Fantasy. The novel was written by George R. R. Martin. It was published in 1996 and afterward won a lot of awards. Later in a season is also pictures on it that are going out to be really famous among the public. It is basically inspired for the spin off works in which several games are involved. The plot line introduces the noble houses of Targaryens, Westeros, and The Wall. The first season was premiered on HBO in 2011 April.

Plot of story

The story is divided into three plots. All these storylines go simultaneously. Following are the three principals on which the storyline works.

In Sever Kingdoms

The story begins with the betrayal of vows from Lord Eddard Ned Stark. His children adopt 6 pups among which three are male, two females and one albino. The story goes on when he received the word of death for his mentor. Then he with his daughters departs for the King’s Landing that is royal capital. In the end, the claim of the throne is made by the Stannis and Renly who are brothers. They are declared to be the King of the North.

On the wall

The wall is introduced in the prologue of the novel. This represents the barrier of magic, ice, and stone. Night watch manned this wall and the son of Eddark Stark gets inspired from Benjen Stark to join Night’s watch. In the end of this plot, the King beyond the wall becomes Manace Rayder.

Across the narrow sea

Here come the dragon eggs that are given as a wedding gift. Danery places those dragon eggs on the pyre and then three of them are hatched to form three dragons.  This story is more about dragons and how they are healed.

In this complete story, the characters have the traits and their decisions are against the redeemable traits of others. It is really an interesting story that describes the choice between the love of closed ones and for the greater interest of duty, realm, and honor. The characters are derived from the fantasy models in traditional forms. The story describes the evil in a completely different and interesting way. You can share the story on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook as well. If you don’t have much followers then buy real active twitter followers to get attention from the world!


The complete novel and TV series on HBO is a great description of how the mystery is described in a believable way. It has the complete and complex elements of a mystery novel. The scope of this book is really broad however the book is decried in a one – dimensional manner and the imagery is also not memorable. The dynastic struggle is shown in the imaginative and strong story line of this novel. Readers always enjoy it especially the ones with love of mystic novels. Also, the TV series is picturized in a great manner to depict every aspect clearly to the audience. This novel has been awarded lots of awards including World Fantasy Award, Locus Award, Hugo Award and Ignotus Award etc.