Our planet is full of incredible animals, plants and environments, and scientists push the limits of our knowledge every day, challenging our understanding of the world around us. At Day’s Edge Productions, our goal is to get you up close and personal with science and scientists, from high-tech research labs to untamed wilderness. As producers, presenters, scientists and consultants, we want to bring science, nature and exploration to life through creative visual media. Through film, photography, and multimedia, we can help bring your science story to any audience.

So come with us and experience our astonishing world through Day’s Edge Productions, where discovery is around every corner!

OUR SERVICES: Day’s Edge Productions offers a variety of services to help you bring your scientific and environmental messages to any audience:

1) Production: We are a full-featured production company, ready to create just about any kind of photographic, video, or multimedia content you can envision – from start to finish. Whatever your communication objectives are, we can turn your vision into a polished, professional product.

2) Presenting: When we’re not behind the camera, we’re often in front of it! A good presenter can make the difference between keeping an audience and losing one, and we have the expertise and enthusiasm to engage viewers in science. We have PhDs in biology, and we can speak with authority about animal behavior, evolution, and ecology. And our broad training means that we’re comfortable discussing a wide range of topics, within and outside the biological sciences. Check out the short video to the right to learn a bit more about us as presenters.

3) Consulting: We provide consulting services to help scientists and science-based organizations develop better public outreach strategies. If you know your science but you’re not sure of the best way to reach the public, we can help! We’ve had success with a variety of fundraising approaches – large grants, small grants, even online crowd-funding. So if you’ve got a big idea but a not-so-big budget, we can advise you in your funding search.

4) Professional training: We provide media training for scientists and other science-related personnel. Our training as scientists taught us the difference between how scientists often communicate with their peers and how they need to communicate if they want to engage the public. We offer one- and multi-day workshops to equip you with the creative and production skills you need to create effective outreach through visual media, and we can tailor these workshops to the needs of your lab, department, or organization.

Contact us at info@daysedgeproductions if you’d like to learn more or schedule a consultation about your science communication needs. We look forward to talking with you!

Neil bio image     Neil Losin is a biologist, photographer, and filmmaker based in Boulder, Colorado. In June 2012, he received his Ph.D. in Biology from UCLA’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, where he studied the evolution of territoriality in invasive lizards. His scientific expertise includes evolution, ecology, and animal behavior. Neil is also an award-winning photographer and science writer, and has been making science and natural history films since 2010. He serves on the Environment Committee of the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) and is an associate member of the International League of Conservation Writers (iLCW).

Nate Dappen is a biologist, photographer and filmmaker based in Highland Park, New Jersey. He completed his Ph.D in May of 2012 in the University of Miami’s Department of Biology. He earned his Ph.D. studying the evolution of color in the Ibiza Wall Lizard. Nate got is undergraduate training at the University of Colorado, Boulder where he studied biology and photography, and has divided his time between science and photography ever since. He is also a co-founding member and moderator of SustainableFocus.org, a web community and magazine promoting visual communication about science and the environment. To learn more visit his website at nathandappen.com.