5 Reasons Why Getting a Garbage Disposal Is the Best Investment You Can Make

Garbage disposals rarely attract our attention until they break or feature as part of a horror story. However, garbage disposals have a number of benefits, most of which are not well known. Here are five reasons why getting a garbage disposal is the best choice you can make. We’ll explain each reason in detail.

Prevention of Plumbing Problems

People still try to wash food debris down the kitchen sink for the sake of convenience. And this often results in clogged drains. It may happen suddenly when mashed potatoes create a drain clog, or it can happen slowly as food particles line the pipes until it creates a blockage. If you have a garbage disposal, it shreds the food into fine particles so that it can flush down the drain.

Another benefit of garbage disposals is that many models can take food debris from your dishwasher and get rid of it instead of the dishwasher drain clogging with food debris. Check out your options on mrgarbagedisposal.com to find a unit that connects to the appliances and plumbing you have.

Less Mess

If you’re rinsing off pasta covered plates into the kitchen, you’re less likely to have food fall on your floor as someone tries to scrape it off into the trash. And because food debris gets washed down the drain, you’ll have less trash in the first place. You also reduce the odds you’ll have to clean food splatter from the inside of the trash can from time to time. If you can scrape most food debris into the garbage disposal instead of having to pre-wash your dishes before putting them in the garbage disposal, you’ll have less cleaning to do overall in the kitchen.

Environmental Benefits

For those who are eco-conscious, garbage disposals help the environment because you’re washing the food debris down the drain using water you’d likely already use and sending it to the sewage plant instead of sending the food to the landfill and wasting fuel along the way. This creates less methane and other greenhouse gases.

Sweeter Smelling Kitchens

If food debris goes down the drain into the garbage disposal, it won’t be sitting in the trash can. Now your kitchen won’t start to stink if the food debris in the bottom of the trash starts to rot. If you tend to take the trash out to the garage, you’ll avoid having the garage smell even worse than it already does.

Reducing Pest Problems

You aren’t going to have flies attracted to your kitchen trash if there isn’t any food in it; that alone is reason enough to get a garbage disposal.


A garbage disposal is a great addition to any home. Garbage disposals help protect your plumbing system from clogs. They reduce the risk of making a mess in the kitchen disposing of food waste, and they are an environmentally friendly way of handling it. They reduce the bad smells and pest problems food waste creates. You won’t have flies in the kitchen or rodents making a mess in the garage.